12/11: NEC w/Arturo Porzecanski, American University

  • 11 Dec 2014
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Chinatown Garden Restaurant 618 H St NW


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Professor Arturo C. Porzecanski, Ph.D.
Distinguished Economist in Residence and
Director, International Economic Relations Program
School of International Service
American University

“Argentina’s Sovereign Debt Saga: Facts and Implications”

Prof. Porzecanski will tell the story of Argentina’s massive default in 2001-02 to official and private creditors, and of the contracts broken and losses imposed on multinational corporations operating there; the botched debt restructuring of 2005, which engendered the largest mass of holdout investors ever in a sovereign default; the saga of precedent-setting litigation (especially in the U.S. federal courts) and arbitration proceedings (especially at the World Bank’s ICSID) against Argentina since then; the economic and political background behind the renewed default this year; and the implications of all of the above for future sovereign debt restructurings and the international financial architecture.

Arturo C. Porzecanski previously taught at Columbia University, New York University, and Williams College, but is a late arrival to academia, having spent most of his professional career working as an international economist on Wall Street. Dr. Porzecanski was chief economist for emerging markets at ABN AMRO Bank (2000-2005); chief economist for the Americas at ING Bank (1994-2000); chief emerging-markets economist at Kidder, Peabody & Co. (1992-1993); chief economist at Republic National Bank of New York (1989-1992); senior economist at JP Morgan Bank (1977-1989); research economist at the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies in Mexico City (1975-1976); and visiting economist at the International Monetary Fund (1973).

He carries out and publishes research in international finance, and also provides consulting services to legal and financial firms, as well as to U.S. government agencies and multilateral institutions. Dr. Porzecanski has followed events in Argentina for nearly four decades and has published widely on its recurrent debt difficulties. He has also provided expert testimony in litigation against Argentina brought on by small-scale investors in Argentina and Italy.


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