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6/22/16 (WEDNESDAY): NEC w/ Stuart Mackintosh, Group of Thirty: "The Brexit Referendum"

  • 22 Jun 2016
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Chinatown Garden Restaurant 618 H St NW Washington DC


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Stuart Mackintosh

Executive Director

Group of Thirty

"The Brexit Referendum:  A Great Future Outside the EU or a Foolish Leap into the Unknown?"

On June 23rd British voters will head to the polls to vote on whether to leave the European Union after 41 years of productive and close relations with their counterparts across Europe.  What is the economic cost of Brexit? What would an exit look like? What are the trade options if the British decide to leave the European Union and start afresh? What are the possible implications for a European Union without Britain? What would this mean for the UK’s special relationship with the US? Mackintosh will address these tangled issues, the known unknowns, and point to unknown unknowns, as the historic vote looms.

Note:  Registration is open through Tuesday, 6-21-16.  

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